A double expertise, wine production and industrial


The sales force is structured around two areas of expertise:
- product, intended for the wine and industrial sectors,
- marketing, for the knowledge of the technical characteristics of these two sectors.

A team of six sales representatives geographically spread across the metropolitan area leads international prospecting. The different industry sectors are developed directly by ALBAGNAC sales representatives. The wine producing sector is historically organized in collaboration with local contacts: around twenty dealers for France and several importers for the international market. The management of this network is federated by "ALLIANCE made in France ": a collective of friendly and complementary industrialists who have pooled their commercial forces.


Present from the start-up and throughout the life cycle of the machine

Customer service comes into play when the machine is installed and integrated on its operating site. It carries out the latest developments in real production situations and ensures start-up alongside the users. Training on the use and maintenance of labelling machines is provided at the customer or on the ALBAGNAC site. A hotline allows to intervene directly in case of difficulty. It ensures the continuum of competence necessary for the users on site. Customer service also has the main mission of ensuring preventive and curative maintenance in coordination with the "spare parts" service. And this, whatever the age of the machine!

Customer service also has the task of supporting changes in the production methods requested by the customer. Thus, it intervenes for any new adjustment, modification of configuration or for the installation of new functional kits.



Listen, understand, coordinate to meet the customer deadline


It all starts with participative listening and understanding of the uniqueness of the client project. Understanding the project, and understanding each other well is essential. This is the role of the sales force. This expression of the needs will be the basis for the specifications that will launch the "right" search for solutions for the client.

From this phase, the order is immediately taken care of by an internal intermediary, attached to the "Project Unit". He is responsible for deepening the request and identifying all the resources necessary internally to make the machine. Our library of modular solutions allows us to respond to most requests. If necessary, the design office can be called upon to design a specific adaptation very quickly.

The project unit will plan the production and confirm a relevant delivery date. It will follow the project to completion and will be the sole contact with the client until the machine is put into operation. The Project Unit coordinates, interfaces, documents, and streamlines exchanges with the client.


A constant and historic strive for the quality of solutions

At the heart of the company's DNA since its creation, the design office represents 20% of the workforce and brings together three levels of expertise: mechanical, electrical and automation.

Under the leadership of management, the design office has driven the company's R&D for three decades and two generations of managers. This positioning allows the company to be identified as a leader in its market to respond to the most complex issues.

A prestige that often gives the pride of being the only one in Europe to be able to offer a solution! Tool of anticipation for the company ALBAGNAC, it drives the evolutions of its future machines.


Manufacturing, assembly, adjustment

A winning trilogy used on site for a proud and claimed "made in France"


The manufacturing process coordinates a dozen different trades, the activity of which must be perfectly coordinated until the delivery of the finished product. The machining of certain parts is fully operated and checked on site. All our machines are assembled in our workshops. Before any delivery, the machines undergo an adjustment phase on real product samples and follows a strict quality control process.

This final step is always carried out by the technician who will be responsible for commissioning the machine at the customer. He has therefore a perfect knowledge of its specificities that he will carry out its commissioning at the customer's site.


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