Motivated and inspired by its leaders, the "engineering" culture allows each solution to be an innovation. For this, three skills are engaged: recognized business expertise for managing complex shapes, intuitive ergonomics, and great integration flexibility.


Know how to manage complex shapes

Being able to manage the most complex shapes of products: ovoid, cylindrical, square, trapezoidal with straight lines, curves, concave or convex... All are studied and eventually solutions are found for each.

By its positioning on the object, by its contours and the nature of the label: very wide or all in height, round or square, thick or embossed, transparent or all in material, no limit is stopping the inspiration of the designer. The label can be discreet or very exuberant, but always respectful of the body and the shapes of the media. To be beautiful on all occasions ... You must know how to manage any and all conditions: cold, heat, humidity, with cadence, while avoiding causing breakage or untimely stoppage of production.


Intuitive interfaces in a universal graphic language

In the design of ALBAGNAC labellers, attention is paid to the ergonomics of the machines. Initial training allows immediate handling. Product or label changes are simple to implement. Human / machine interfaces are developed on touch screens. Intuitive, they are made in a universal language that is based on graphics accessible to all. A wide range of pre-recorded programs, easy to access, allow rapid production starts.

Likewise, a clever design of the mechanical assemblies allows precise adjustments within everyone's reach. In terms of operator protection and safety, ALBAGNAC machines comply with legal standards. They can also be adapted to meet the level of requirement desired by the client.


Easy and nimble in complex chains

ALBAGNAC machines integrate easily within complex packaging chains. They can account for upstream and downstream constraints and offer nimble solutions to ensure the management of product flows: positioning, alignment, orientation, timing. It is also possible to integrate additional printing blocks to ensure the imprinting of labels: bar code, batch number, date, etc. And thus, meet the needs for product traceability.

The intelligent system of the ALBAGNAC labellers allows the exchange of data with the company's information system. Thus, data from ERP or CAPM can be retrieved by the label maker and act directly on the operation of the machine, (for example, in the form of OF). This data can also feed directly into the integrated printing systems and be imprinted onto the labels during their application. Conversely, the data sent by the labeller can be captured and interpreted by the ERP, CAPM or CMMS. They thus provide additional and necessary elements for the management and overall maintenance of the production chain.


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