Identified as one of the French leaders in industrial labeling, our solutions have a great creative capacity and native agility which allow to adapt to all types of production, artisanal or industrial. Our machines are aimed at precise labeling or marking with a high-quality requirement. We know how to handle diverse formats from 6mm to 600mm by stamping or by conventional application and smoothing. The applications are aimed at a wide variety of products such as: Perfume, makeup, essential oil, shampoo ... Our solutions can be easily integrated on complex production lines for rates of up to 12,000 strokes/Hour. In France and abroad, we provide direct technical monitoring of our machines.

Today, we are ready to take up the challenge of your creativity with shapes exclusive to your brand!

  • All
  • Minicup and Pouch
  • Square
  • Complex
  • Conical
  • Cylindrical
  • Ovoid
up to 3,600 products/hour
• 200 products/minute
• 12,000 products/hour
• Up to 60 products/minute
• Up to 12,000 products/hour
• From 7 to 27 meters/minute
Jusqu'à 200 produits/Minute
Soit 12 000 produits/Heure
Maximum cadence 70 strokes/minute with a scrolling speed up to 30 meters/minute

Maximum cadence 200 strokes/minute with a scrolling speed up to 47 meters/minute
up to 900 products/hour
• 200 products/minute
• 12,000 products/hour
jusqu'à 7000 produits /heure
Asynchronous motorization:
Up to 70 products/minute
Up to 4,000 products/hour

Brushless motorization
Up to 200 products/minute
Up to 12,000 products/minute
Up to 40 products/minute
2,400 products/hour
• Up to 2,000 products/hour or 33 products/minute
Depending on the label length
Up to 3,500 products/hour


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