Identified as one of the French leaders in industrial labelling, our solutions have a great creative capacity and designed agility which allow them to adapt to all types of production, artisanal or industrial. We can adapt to the most creative packaging for: minicups, pouches, jars… and very diverse materials: fruit juice, jams, syrups, ready meals, poultry, fresh vegetables, confectionery… We know how to manage hot or cold food. Our machines can be integrated into complex production lines for speeds of up to 15,000 strokes/hour. Large French groups such as Sodébo and Fleury Michon trust us. In France and abroad, we provide direct technical monitoring of our machines.

  • All
  • Minicup and Pouch
  • Square
  • Complex
  • Conical
  • Cylindrical
  • Ovoid
up to 3,600 products/hour
• Up to 60 products/minute
• Up to 12,000 products/hour
• From 7 to 27 meters/minute
Jusqu'à 200 produits/Minute
Soit 12 000 produits/Heure
Maximum cadence 70 strokes/minute with a scrolling speed up to 30 meters/minute

Maximum cadence 200 strokes/minute with a scrolling speed up to 47 meters/minute
up to 900 products/hour
• 200 products/minute
• 12,000 products/hour
jusqu'à 7000 produits /heure
Asynchronous motorization:
Up to 70 products/minute
Up to 4,000 products/hour

Brushless motorization
Up to 200 products/minute
Up to 12,000 products/minute
Up to 40 products/minute
2,400 products/hour
• Up to 2,000 products/hour or 33 products/minute
Depending on the label length
Up to 3,500 products/hour


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