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It was in 1987 that our company was noticed by the wine sector with a major innovation for the time: a mechanical labeller responsible for removing the painful and repetitive tasks of manually sticking labels on bottles. Now present in all the vineyards of the world, the company offers machines of great reliability and robustness for the capping, crimping, labelling, and marking operations. Easily integrated into complex production chains, production rates can go up to 6,000 bottles/hour. The most creative shapes can be managed: cylindrical, ovoid, conical, square.... In France, a network of 22 dealers is responsible for developing the brand at the commercial level and for technical monitoring.

  • All
  • Beer bottle
  • Square bottle
  • Conical bottle
  • Cylindrical bottle
  • Champenoise
• Up to 1,800 Bottles/hour
• Up to 2,400 Bottles/hour
• Up to 3,200 Bottles/hour
• Up to 1,200 Bottles/hour

• Jusqu’à 800 Bouteilles/heure
Natural Still Wine
• Up to 1,200 Bottles/hour

Sparkling Wine
• Jusqu’à 800 Bouteilles/heure
up to 900 bottles/hour
up to 6,000 bottles/hour
1200 Bottles/Hour
SW: Up to 1,200 Bottles/hour
NSW: Up to 1,800 Bottles/hour (Single head)
: Up to 2,400 Bottles/hour (double head)
• CAP 1200 : jusqu'à 1200 bouteilles/heure en vin tranquille,
et jusqu'à 800 bouteilles/heure en vin effervescent
• CAP 1800 : jusqu'à 1800 bouteilles/heure en vin effervescent
• CAP 3000 : jusqu'à 3000 bouteilles/heure en vin tranquille
• Natural Still Wine NSW mode: Single head: up to 1,800 bottles/hour
Double tête : jusqu’à 2500 btl/h

• SW Sparkling Wine mode: up to 1,200 bottles/hour
Maximum cadence 70 strokes/minute with a scrolling speed up to 30 meters/minute

Maximum cadence 200 strokes/minute with a scrolling speed up to 47 meters/minute


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